We offer a range of options for your specific needs. Below is a breakdown of package types that can be ordered for your project. Your needs may not exactly be reflected by the options below. So when you send in your inquiry email, feel free just to use one of these packages as a starting point point for describing your project. Higher and lower quantities are available at differing price points. Your artwork will also be taken into consideration when coming up with a quote for the price of your project. We cannot offer free shipping. However, free delivery, or pick up options are available for customers within the surrounding areas of San Jose, CA. In response to your inquiry, we will send you a quote that includes the total for services requested plus tax and shipping (if outside of the SF Bay Area). We do our best to match, or beat our competitor’s prices. Let us know how we can help you!

-The Local-
A slim jewel case and a simple 1 or 2 panel insert.

-The Classic-
The standard jewel case that you are familiar with. Pricing for “The Classic” includes an 8 page booklet and a tray card for artwork on the backside of the package.

-The Digi-
How cool are digipaks? “The Digi” doesn’t have time for insertsĀ or booklets. The case itself is the art. Four printable panelsĀ of artwork and a disc tray.

-Heart on my Sleeve-
A simple sleeve with artwork for the rear and the cover. Slide that CD right on into the case and enjoy life!

-Bulk CDs-
You just needs CDs printed and duplicated. Add paper sleeves for a small fee.